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Paytailor mobile payment team Lauri Kunz

Lauri KunzBusiness Development, Project Manager

Lauri is responsible for the business development in UK market.

Lauri has a diverse experience in international business development. He has successfully solved many of the most complicated business challenges. Lauri is brilliant in balancing the demands of business environment with the interests of customers as well as the company.

Paytailor mobile payment team Tarvo Kunz

Tarvo KunzBusiness Development, Project Manager

Tarvo is responsible for executing technological adaption in the UK market.

Tarvo is a skilled and experienced info- and communications technology specialist and has diverse business administration experience.

Paytailor mobile payment team Rode Luhaäär

Rode LuhaäärCo-founder of Paytailor. CEO

Rode is the master mind behind Paytaior.

As a CEO, he’s heavily involved with most important activities of the business, fairly common for small enterprises. He is managing the design, sales and co-operations. Rode has extensive experience in marketing and sales. He has delivered digital projects to numerous of global brands. He studied e-business in Oxford and has been a teaching internet marketing for seven years to date.

Rode is super enthusiastic about film and video production.

Paytailor mobile payment team Mariliis Mia Topp

Mariliis Mia ToppCo-founder of Paytailor. CMCO

Mariliis is supporting the team with communications and marketing activities. Mariliis has extensive experience in corporate communications. She's been involved with investor communications, branding and marketing, crisis communications, internal communications and CSR.

She is also active in sports and heavily engaged with increasing community's awareness on health.

Paytailor mobile payment team Kaiko Kaur

Kaiko KaurCTO

Kaiko’s main focus is improving Paytailor technical performance. Kaiko has impressive background developing several large scale innovative solutions.

Paytailor mobile payment team Birgit Nisu

Birgit NisuProject Manager

Birgit is responsible for Paytailor’s fraud detection program. She has extensive experience in culture management. She is heavily engaged with supporting the local communities as a volunteer.

Paytailor mobile payment team Lauri Mäe

Lauri MäeJunior Web Developer

Lauri is developing Paytailor’s core systems, merchant environments and creating new products.

Lauri is a true talent - he is the brilliant mind who always finds new and innovative solutions. With he’s lovable and friendly presence, he’s a true ray of light in our team.

Paytailor mobile payment team Marvin Helstein

Marvin HelsteinJunior Android Developer

Marvin is developing Paytailor’s Android applications.

Marvin has created several brilliant features for Paytailor’s customer and merchant apps.

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