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An introduction to who we are, and how Paytailor started

Mobile payment

About Paytailor

Paytailor is a smart mobile payments company which is currently concentrating on payments for physical goods. Like every good startup, Paytailor was initiated because of the existing problem. We saw that in lots of places merchants do not accept card payments because of the cost and accessibility

Paytailor’s mission is to make mobile payments as easy as possible. We believe that technology should serve people, instead of forcing people to use solutions imposed by corporations.

We keep ourselves flexible to adjust the concept and add more payment methods to our system. We believe it’s very important that merchant software is easy to implement, and delightful to use.

We’re a small group of innovators, and our vision is to create a leading payment solution. We don’t aim to be the biggest, but the smartest.

What we are doing?

Mobile payment

We are changing the payment industry. As mobile payment sector is fragmented, then we are one of the first aggregators, which is combining different payment methods.

We see that in order people would have option to pay digital or mobile, requires solution, which through reasonable and simple solution would make it possible.

We have developed a social wallet, which creates extra value for customers and during time will assemble different payment methods. Merchant still gets money on the bank account and do not have multiple payment solutions.

How it started?

Mobile payment

Paytailor was created from the need for a simple and portable payment solution. The idea was born in a little room of Oxford student accommodation. Closest shop was 150 meters away, but they did not want to receive card payments

The problem was that in UK you often have to spend at least £5 in order to pay with a bank card. Often there was no online or card payment option at all.

Where we are going?

Mobile payment

Large financial institutions have predicted that payments go to mobile in the next few years. We working to make future mobile payments possible and create best user experience.

We see that future mobile wallet offers more than just payment option and relationship between user and the merchant goes more personal and social. So that’s why social wallet.

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