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About us

Paytailor is an Estonian startup, seamlessly connecting people with businesses with the help of technology. Paytailor is flexible and powerful payment platform for businesses, easy to integrate into existing processes, as well as a mobile payment app for consumers that works with merchants regardless of operating system or mobile phone manufacturer. In addition, merchants and consumers do not need to change banks or upgrade hardware, as they can use existing bank accounts and devices when starting to use Paytailor. Paytailor helps businesses to grow and sell smarter through building a unique community with its customers. Paytailor combines different payment methods, big data, location and NFC technology, turning it all into a powerful tool for merchants to create completely new customer relations. Paytailor payment platform enables multiple loyalty and bonus opportunities and in-app e-commerce that offers incredibly simple shopping for the customer.

Our story

Paytailor was founded to solve a real problem many people across the world face on a daily basis. In several places it is not possible to pay with card. Different payment solutions can be complicated or uncomfortable to use, or equally importantly - often very expensive. In many European countries, it is quite common for merchants to pass card payment transaction fee to the customer. Otherwise the card processing fee significantly reduce merchants’ profit margins. To avoid the fee from the merchant, customers are either motivated to buy more goods, making the fee manageable by the merchant, or pay in cash.

The idea of a mobile payment was born in a tiny dorm room, in Oxford, UK, where the nearest corner shop did not accept card payments. The idea of a smart solution that is driven by the actual needs of a merchant, but at the same time, would be as equally simple and useful for the customer. We believe that technology should be serving the people, not the other way around. Innovation has the power to improve the way people interact with businesses, bring them closer together and create experiences beyond imagination. Paytailor skipped the need for integrations, card payment terminals or any other additional hardware for that matter. And most importantly, high additional costs. Customer app works seemingly without dictating the brand of the device nor taking too much memory space. Moreover, neither the customer or merchant need to have additional bank accounts simply because Paytailor works with existing bank accounts.

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