How the solution works

Some simple steps to receive payments.

Download Paytailor app, choose a merchant to pay and go!

1. Insert the sum

Merchant inserts the sum to mobile payment terminal and starts the payment session, the payment session will be active for 60 seconds.

NFC activation, QR code, or choose

2. Payment session will be activated

If merchant has inserted the sum in the system, they activate a payment session which is opened for 60 seconds. That means that you have to connect with active payment session with your smartphone.
You have 3 options for that:

  • Activate right place with NFC with your android smartphone
  • Activate right place with QR with IOS smartphone
  • Choose on payment page right merchant via shortcode or name

NFC activation, QR code, or choose

3. Client confirms the payment

After ensuring that the sum is correct just push pay button. Then insert your Paytailor app pin code and confirm payment.

NFC activation, QR code, or choose

4. Successful payment will be displayed

If the payment was successful a notification in a wallet confirms it. Merchant gets also a successful transaction message.

NFC activation, QR code, or choose
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