Pay with smartphone

Pay with mobile

It’s easy and flexible. Pay at the beach, on the bus, or anywhere. No minimum amount required to spend.

Pay with smartphone

Collect payments from customers

Clients can pay easily and business will get funds on their bank account.

Pay with smartphone

Mobile payment terminals

Optimize your payment terminal costs. Collect payments with a smartphone app.

What is Paytailor?

Paytailor is a mobile payment solution for everyone. Paytailor social wallet is simple and useful app for shopping. It gives you best deals and makes payment easy and accessible.

Paytailor merchant network is consistently growing offering best deals and simple solutions for payments even if card terminals are not accessible. This means you are able to pay easily at festivals, events, cafes and other venues without carrying extra amounts of cash.

To become part of our awesome community just download the app, add your card details and you are ready to go!

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How it works?

Check out how our social wallet can be used in a pub!

Social wallet features

Special offers
Social profile
Multiple payment methods
NFC payment activation

What do they say about us?

Susanne Org

Lift99 manager

“We used Paytailor at our event. Super easy, convenient and reliable.”

Ragnar Sass

Co-founder of Pipedrive | Investor

“Paytailor has the advantage of being the first to reach the market with this specific concept”

Erwin Wassenaar

Founder of cheesekings

"Paytailor is easy to use. I loved the idea from the first time I saw it."

Paytailor for merchants

Paytailor uses similar user experience as card payment terminal but in a form of an app. It requires no special equipment, just a smartphone and Paytailor subscription.

Paytailor software enables your customers to pay quick and easy with their smartphones. All they need is a downloaded Paytailor app, confirmed card details and our software enables card payment without a terminal.

Yet, there is more, Paytailor can increase client flow and expose your business to new patrons by special offers featured in the app.

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