Pay with smartphone

Pay mobile

It’s easy and flexible. Pay at the beach, on the bus, or anywhere. No minimum amount required to make payment.

Pay with smartphone

Collect payments from clients

Avoid fees and additional costs. Earn more, and forget payment cost.

Pay with smartphone

Mobile payment terminals

Optimize your payment terminal costs. Collect payments with a smartphone app.

What is Paytailor?

Paytailor is a mobile payment terminal. Paytailor uses pretty much the same user experience as card payment terminal. Paytailor uses pretty much the same user experience as a card payment terminal. It requires no special equipment; merchants only need the software, clients only need a phone to call with.

Paytailor is a software that enables carrier billing in the simplest way. Clients don’t need to have an app or wallet. Payment will be done through a simple call, and it works even with prepaid plans.

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What do they say about us?

Payment Software

"Paytailor is easy to use. I loved the idea from the first time I saw it."

Erwin Wassenaar| Founder of cheesekings

Payment Software

“Paytailor is a great example how a product should be launched. The team and the product have amazing potential!”

Siim Lepisk | Tehnopol Startup Incubator

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